All Hail Prince Naveen

The Princess and Frog Ross Blocher (Assistant Technical Director) and T. Daniel Hofstedt (character animator) did hilarious parody on Prince Naveen set on Alan Menken’s Prince Ali from the one and only Aladdin. Probably not mend for ears outside the production team though.

Fact is that T. Daniel Hofstedt worked on Aladdin as animator for Gazeem and Prince Achmed. He continued his Disney career by animating on most feature films up till Home on the Range.

Disney Music Lovers, new LiveJournal community

Disney Music Lovers is a new LJ community where Disney fans can discusss and share their favorite music by the house of mouse just opened it’s doors this week. Now on itself that’s not that new, there’s been dozens of web communties about Disney music but this one happens to have a really nice Aladdin background from an unknown artist. However as am not an member at LJ I can’t see past the front page.

Disney Music Lovers background

In other LiveJournal news at the Disney Princess community is a good discussion going on about the difference between a Disney princess and a Disney heroine in terms of marketing and the actual characters as they appeared in their movies. I for one would like see a new DH line that includes girls like Megara and the fiesty Esmeralda but also classic Disney girls like Wendy, who would be a good role model being the big sister of two brothers.

Aladdin villians tribute

Trident did a few tributes to the badguys and girls from the Aladdinverse.
Set under Billy Joel’s You May Be Right, great artist by the way, clips from Chaos from the tribute to this crazy all-power cat.

The hilarious Looney Tunes tribute Abis Mal, Aladdin most annoying and funny opponent with his turban obsession.

The to me unknown rockband Trooper hails most of Agrabah’s Enemies using screens capped by myself I have/had stored online somewhere for years.

Wanna see the Aladdin Disneyland musical? Better hurry up

Disneyland put out a press release unveiling their plans to Pixar-ise the back a bit more by bringing Toy Story – the musical to the Hyperion theatre in Disney’s California Adventure park. The theater has been the home of Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular since 2003 and was overhauled earlier this year I believe. Aladdin fans have till August 15th 2010 to see it.

I believe their is an official video recording for sale on some sites and there’s plenty footage of the various actors who played the leads on Youtube.

Not that I have anything against Pixar, I love their movies, but it saddes me to see a bit of 90’s Disney film magic go. On otherhand Ariel fans will get their own The Little Mermaid ride in 2011.