Best Celebirty Voice Actors

Movieline puts Robin Williams aka the genie as the all time best voice actor in an animated movie. The top five is formed by veteran actors in some of Disney’s and Pixar’s best 90’s films. Billy Crystal as odd ball Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc, Angela Lansbury as the motherly Mrs. Potts, Tom Hanks as cowboy Woody, the best Disney 90’s villain Scar would be half as menical without Jeremy Irons as the voice takes second place.
Moveline in the person of Louis Virtel as this to say about Robin Williams:

Was there any doubt? Not only does Aladdin rank as the funnest Disney movie of the past 20 years — just think about the bobbling, hare-brained Sultan for a second — but it features the greatest voiceover (celebrity or not) in animated cinematic history. As the enslaved genie, Robin Williams uses his signature improvisational prowess to enchant Aladdin, spar verbally with Jafar, and chum it up with Abu. Unlike other Williams movies (The Fisher King, anyone?), this performance hasn’t dated a bit.