Why Me

Jonathan Freeman (Jafar) and Don Darryl Rivera (Iago) preformed the cut song “Why Me” as promotion for the Aladdin: A Stage Musical show.
“Why Me” was one of the many attempts to give the villian his own song, like it was pretty common around that time in Disney animated films. Ursula got Pour Unfortunate Souls and Gaston got a song carrying his name. In Aladdin’s case, according to the direction audio commentary on the DVD, that part of the movie underwent allot of rewriting to get a song for Jafar there, also partly because of Jonathan Freeman´s great singing voice, and Alan Menken and Tim Rice penned a few songs including this one. At the end it was decided that it would slow down the movie and it was simply to late into the film for a full blown song and so the production crew decided to stick with a reprise of Prince Ali. Great to see the musical production grew found a way to use it. Can´t wait to see how Jonathan looks in full costume.