Aladdin: The New Stage Musical World Tour

Besides the 2 US local productions of the Aladdin musical in 2012. Aladdin: A New Stage Musical will open internationally both in Europe and Asia.

The European premiere will be at the Fredericia Theatre, Copenhage Denmark. The show opens on October 4 2012 with local talents under the direction of Soren Moller. This is the main cast

  1. Aladdin – Johannes Nymark ~ Just graduated in 2009 and played in High School Musical and Singin ‘in the Rain
  2. Jasmine РMaria Lucia ~ Did Beauty and the Beast, Les Mis̩rables (with Johannas Nymark), Sugar and Chess
  3. Genie – Pelle Emil Hebsgaard ~ Local Fredericia theater talent

The Asian run by Atlantis Production opens in Philippines, that’s right Lea Salonga’s home country. The show opens in November in the Meralco Theatre, Manila. The press release only mentions Aladdin and Jasmine being cast while the rest will be announced at a later time

  1. Aladdin – Tom Rodriguez
  2. Jasmine – K-La Rivera
  3. Genie – Pelle Emil Hebsgaard

I wonder when I’m going to hear about a Dutch version by Stage Entertainment, as they are always on the front when it comes to bringing Disney musicals to Europe. Like now they’re having The Little Mermaid in the Circus Theater, Scheveningen. The same theater that had the Tarzan and Mary Poppins European premiere