Jasmine: The Jewel Orchard

dailydawl posted scans of the newest Jasmine look has been given by the Disney Princesses designers. I’m glad they didn’t change Jasmine, and Aladdin too, not to much. Overall I like it but I have to get used to the loose hair strand, reminds me of Belle in the movie. I hate the glitters they even peek from under her brown robe. The story goes like this.

Description: One morning at the palace, Jasmine overhears a surprising conversation. A servant claims that there is no fruit to be found in all of Agrabah! Jasmine heads to the market to figure out what has happened. When a trail of beautiful amethysts leads her to the royal orchards, she discovers that all the fruit and water have been turned into sparkling, shimmering jewels! At first it seems a beautiful sight, but with no fruit to eat or water to drink, the people of Agrabah can’t survive. Jasmine and Aladdin must figure out how to reverse the spell that has been cast upon the orchards before it’s too late!

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