The Twenty Songs from Aladdin A New Stage Musical

ThespianPeacock uploaded 20 songs from Aladdin The New Stage Musical that ran almost 2 years ago at Seattle’s 5th adventure theater from July, 7 to 21 2011. I’ve been waiting forever to hear the songs and except for some promotion videos there was nothing. Tonight I looked for more information on the Toronto pre-Broadway run of the show’s upgrade I came across this. Listen to how the classic Alan Menken/Howard Ashman songs are converted from animated movie musical to stage musical. And I’ve been dying to know the “cut songs” Babkak, Omar, Aladdin and Cassim, High Adventure, the Jafar song Why Me preformed by Jonathan Freeman, the Princess Jasmine Call Me A Princess and especially the beautiful Proud of Your Boy would sound preformed by professional singers backed up by a orchestra instead of a composer/lyricist pinging on a piano. Plus the new Aladdin Jasmine duet A Million Mile Away taking place at Aladdin’s hovel when the two first met.

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