Selinmarou’s gorgeous Jasmine artwork have to check out Selinmarou’s Princess Jasmine fanart. She has the most beautiful drawing style I’ve seen. Original work too, yes it’s often based on existing official artwork but I personally think her version are ten times better. It’s obvious there’s allot of time and love poured into these pictures.

the royal Wedding by *selinmarsou on deviantART

Jasmine – TV series outfit by *selinmarsou on deviantART

Gesture Concept Sketches

Gesture Concept Sketches by Aaron Blaise. I recognize the motion of Jasmine twirling in the scene when fatber visits her in the princess chambers about to announce he’d find her a suitor. The two Aladdin gesture pages don’t look familiar, I can’t place them. The last page is from when Jasmine confronts Aladdin about his true identity.

aladdin gesture sketches page 3

aladdin gesture sketches page 2jasmine gesture sketches page 1

jasmine gesture sketches page 2

aladdin gesture sketches page 1