Orchestral Suite Aladdin

The Santa Monica High school Symphony Orchestra preformed the music of Aladdin in a concert a year ago. I’ve listened to it a couple of time and I’ve to say it’s the best orchestral renditions of the Aladdin suite I’ve heard.

On a related note I’m going to Disney in Concert in The Royal concert hal in Amsterdam this August 17. Conducted by Ernst van Tiel the world famous Metropole Orchestra preforms a mixture of classic Disney music with solo performers who a an impressive resume in the Dutch and European musical. So while I enjoyed the talent of these kids on YT at home with two basic PC speakers I’m excited to hear these beautiful Disney melodies live by a professional orchestra in a concert hal.

More artwork

Anything Aladdin posted some more artwork from the movie. There are sketches of what the Cave of Wonders could’ve looked like. A sketch of Aladdin and his mom. Character sheets from Abu and Iago and some early character artwork for Genie. Two sketches by Pres Romanillos of the lead character. And some great facial expressions of Jafar. Even early designs of what the character could’ve looked like.