I Know That Voice

I know that voice is an upcoming documentary about, the often unappreciated, American voice over actors who lend their voice to everything media ranging from video games to commercials to animated TV series and live action documentaries to animated films.The list at IO9 carries many familiar names who have played one or more characters in the Aladdinverse.

Nancy Cartwright is voiced the Sprites from episode “Love at first Sprite”
Rob Paulsen voiced the Sand Worm from episode “Power to the Parrot”.
Jim Cummings voiced Rasoul leader of the palace guards and palace guard Farouk and a Haran.
Corney Burton voiced Prince Achmed the snobby suitor for Princess Jasmine from the feature film.
Charlie Adler voiced Gazeem the thief who entered the Cave of Wonders.
EG Daily voiced Bud the son of Prince Uncouthma and Princess Brawnhilda from the episode “Smells LIke Trouble” and “The Way We War”.
Kath Soucie voiced a character in the episode “While The City Snoozes”