Broadway World Interviews with Crew & Cast Aladdin Musical

It was Press day for Broadway’s newest musical comedy and Broadway World got a word with writer/lyrist Chad Beguelin and director Casey Nicholaw of the show as well as the four leads. Adam Jacobs, Courtney Reed, James Monroe Iglehart and Jonathan Freemanl They talk about how exceed they are to play these characters and word with these people. The usual stuff people say on working on new shows or movies. But Chad did mention a major change to the show. Babkak, Omar and Kassim are no longer the narrators.

In last years 5th avenue these characters where besides Aladdin’s pals also the narrators and so helped move along the show between scene scene changes breaking the so called 4th wall by interacting with the audience. Also they sang various reprises of Arabian Nights that where brought back from the cutting floor. You see Alan and Howard originally wrote a hand full of reprises to the movie’s opening song but as the characters where cut from the film the songs where too. Personally I applaud the idea to restore this ordinal version making the show, from what I read and seen, more funny.