A Million Miles Away

I’ve been listing to the Aladdin Broadway soundtrack today and you know from the new songs they’ve added I just love “A Million Miles Away”. It reminds me of the good old days of the TV show where Al & Jas go on adventures together to help people and protect their city, it’s people, their friends and one another from harm. I feel like the creative minds behind the Broadway show took their inspiration from this. And now finding a great quality video recording of the number I tell from the acting of dam Jacobs and Courtney Reed that they likely where inspired by the fact that Al & Jas ended such an adventures couple.


Great Minds Think For Themselves

The Disney Children TV block Disney’s One Saturday Morning that ran on ABC in the late 1990’s early 2000’s carried a series of info commercials hosted by Genie.

Called “Great Minds Think 4 Themselves” Genie tells about an important historical person/period in time. Amusing as they are I find that Robin Williams returned as Genie’s voice actor the most remarkable thing about these shorts.