Animator Will Finn honours Robin Williams

Even though the great comedian known as Robin Williams left us over 2 months ago new honors and thank you keep popping up. One of the best I recently encountered is a sketch by animator Will Finn who supervised Iago’s animation and worked with Robin back in the day during Aladdin’s production run.

Genie and Iago by Will Finn

Genie and Iago by Will Finn

Life long Aladdin fan gets his wish granted

The Burlington County Times tells the story of Jared Maier. He’s been a fan of Aladdin for his whole life he says “When I was young, before preschool, there was something I borrowed from the library every week. It was “Aladdin” on VHS. I always got two copies — one to watch while the other was rewinding.”

Which made me smile because back in the day I was very much like him, I watched the Sing-A-Long VHS a zillion times during summer waiting for the full movie to be released on video and after that I watched the movie many times over.
Jared continues to tell how he and his family went to see the Broadway show and afterwards went for autographs of the cast.

“My playbill was full of autographs as my siblings and I waited on the steps of the theater for our parents to pick us up.
One of the security guards came over and asked us if we were leaving. My brother said, “We’re waiting for our ride.” He told us to wait there. He came back and said, “Come with me.”
He then opened the stage door and brought us back into the theater, and through a secret door onto the stage. There I was, on the stage where “Aladdin” had just been performed. In the wings of the theater were all the props and set pieces. The stage was full of trap doors, and above was all the rigging used to fly the magic carpet.”

Sounds like the ultimate wish a true Aladdin could have. Personally I would’ve liked to meet the animators and voice actors who brought the animated film to life this stage show is based on.

Lego makes a Jasmine minifig

The Lego Company will soon release a set based on Disney’s animated classic Aladdin.

Lego set Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

Jasmine’s Exotic Palace with setnumber 41061 includes a Jasmine minifig in the style of Lego Friends, a cute kitty that resembles the princess’s tiger pet Rajah, a brick build magic carpet with ordinal tiger pattern, a market stall with flute and snake in pink and lilac, the palace fountain, the tree Princess Jasmine used to escape the palace and a tower including genie’s lamp. I am not sure about the exact release date but Brickset lists 2015 so I guess it might make it in time for the 2014 holiday season since Lego tends to release sets a little earlier then officially listed. But that depends on the location and store brand.

I’m not a fan of the “girlyfied” Disney Princess line with Friends minifig but I’m going to buy it anyway for the wig and Rajah cat and make my own Jasmine.