Lego makes a Jasmine minifig

The Lego Company will soon release a set based on Disney’s animated classic Aladdin.

Lego set Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

Jasmine’s Exotic Palace with setnumber 41061 includes a Jasmine minifig in the style of Lego Friends, a cute kitty that resembles the princess’s tiger pet Rajah, a brick build magic carpet with ordinal tiger pattern, a market stall with flute and snake in pink and lilac, the palace fountain, the tree Princess Jasmine used to escape the palace and a tower including genie’s lamp. I am not sure about the exact release date but Brickset lists 2015 so I guess it might make it in time for the 2014 holiday season since Lego tends to release sets a little earlier then officially listed. But that depends on the location and store brand.

I’m not a fan of the “girlyfied” Disney Princess line with Friends minifig but I’m going to buy it anyway for the wig and Rajah cat and make my own Jasmine.