New Aladdin Fansite

It doesn’t happen often anymore in these days of social media that someone takes the effort to put together a fansite for Aladdin. Because it’s easier to “like” or “follow” socialmedia sites like Facebook and Twitter and so express one’s fandom. I remember a time when the Aladdin fanbase was strong and active through the Aladdin Mailing List and the messageboard on Aladdin Central but that was quite a few years ago. So I was happily surprised that I go a mail from a fan who has started a new fansite this April.

Run by Jacob written in Polish the site is an hommage to the Aladdin fansites like they appeared in the late 1990’s early 2000’s complete with moving graphics and background sound. It has a nice collection of wallpapers and images and links to ROMS Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis video games for emulators to play on any computer. Plus there are summaries, images and videos (in English) of some of the better episodes from the Aladdin TV Series as well a link to Hercules Series episode where Team Aladdin had a cameo appearance.