More Then A Peacock Princess

More then 10 years Disney released a DVD Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams with a brand new traditional animated short about Jasmine called “More Than A Peacock Princess”

From wikia:

Jasmine is tired and bored of her usual princess duties; these include shop openings and helping to sell a camel in the local market place. During having her portrait painted as a “Peacock Princess”, Jasmine loses patience and says she wants more responsibility. The Sultan gives her the job of “Royal Assistant Educator” at the Royal Academy. Jasmine is thrilled. However, this is soon changed once she meets her pupils. They run amok, draw on the walls, pillow fight, and throw books. She calls Rajah to try and scare the children into behaving, but they ignore him and chase Jasmine and Rajah into the mud and up a tree. Jasmine gives up. Her lady-in-waiting tells her later that night that all she needs is patience and perseverance, and she could do anything she wants. The next day Hakeem, the stable boy, seeks Jasmine’s help. The Sultan’s prized horse, Sahara, is missing from the Stables. Jasmine takes it upon herself, with Carpet, Abu, and Iago’s help, to find Sahara and return him to the Palace.

Notice that it was the first time Lea Salonga did the singing voice if Jasmine since the film.

At the Disney Broadway Party Broadway’s Jasmine, Courtney Reed, did her own redition of this song