Abis Mal

Abis Mal1If there would be an award for the most stupid thief it should go to Abis Mal. Once leader a gang of thieves Abis Mal’s first encounter with ‘that Aladdin’ was when the streetrat, his monkey and rugmen stole Abis loot. Aladdin fought bravely and escape with flair. A while later, Mal’s where about to terminate their leader when Abis Mal found a lamp in a well. Rubbing it Abis unknowingly freed Jafar, the spectacular entrance send the bandits running for their lives. Next the thief makes a deal with the powerful genie, he will wish Jafar free if he gets all the gold in the world. First things first, get rid of Aladdin. A genius plan unfolds.
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Mechanical Dragon

Mechanical DragonCreated by Genie’s magic the Mechanical Dragon was a rouse to help Sadira turn Aladdin back to normal. The young hero believed he was a dragon slayer but in reality it a spell. The dragon was part of a Hollywood style movie set complete with fake décor and fellable rocks. If the dragon slayer defeats the dragon he could kiss the captive held princess (Sadira) ending the spell.
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The T-Rex from Much Abu About Something hauntes a small mountain villaige. It’s up to Abu, the protector to defeat the monster. But not without the help of his friends Aladdin, Genie, Iago and Carpet. But Abu’s ideas how to defeat the creature with Aladdin’s. Resulting in a couple of major blunders including giving the dinosaur access the villiage.

At the end it’s Abu who saves the day by luring T-Rex to the edge of a mountain cliff so it falls do his doom almost taking the brave monkey with it.