Amuk Moonrah

Amuk Moonrah1Amuk Moonrah is one of those villains that ruled over Agrabah thousands of years ago but was imprisoned somehow, somewhere and is now back with a vengeance.
Iago gets a warning of Fashir about an old evil that he revives and he alone can defeat. Iago passes it if as rubbish, he doesn’t believe in prophecies and stuff like that. He should know better though, one can expect everything in Agrabah. Despite his non-belief the parrot is nervous, freighted even. The gang, minus Jasmine explore, a cave for a new trade route. You never know if it’s save certainly not in the world of Aladdin, of course the cave isn’t save. Jasmine stayed home because she had to take care of Agrabah in absence of her father who after Iago’s warning went to a safer place. The princess refused to let Aladdin save Agrabah by himself.
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Amin Damoola

Amin Damoola1Amin Damoola is a special kind of thief, the stupid kind. He and Abis Mal would get along great. Amin claims he’s the greatest thief in all Agrabah.
In &quotTo Cure a Thief&quot Amin teams up with the greatest thief’s Agrabah ever known. Amin Damoola, angry at Aladdin, helps Amin to get a magical glove from the Palace’s treasure room. It’s the first episode where we see this thief, it’s obvious that he isn’t only stupid but also very clumsy.
In “Scare Necessities” Butterfingers , Amin’s nickname given by the other thieves at Scull and Dagger because he is so clumsy. When a little, cute animal “Squirt” winds up at the hideout after he escaped from Iago and Amin Damoola at Al’s place. “Squirt” grants every wish when he feels threatened.
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Al Gebraic

Al GebraicThousands and thousands of years ago, maybe even before Agrabah was founded Genie had a master named Al Gebraic. He was a greedy master who, after he used up all three his wishes sold Genie to a magician for eternal life. But not enteral youth. Living for such a long time can get   bored, Al Gebraic has seen and done everything so to get some companionship for the rest of entirety he hired a Muktar to bring him Genie.

What he didn’t and couldn’t forsee is that Genie got a friend that wouldn’t let him just capture. He sees Genie as a servant not as a friend and when he asked Aladdin why he would die for his servant Aladdin replied. “Not for my servant. For my friend.”

And so after seeing the friendship between Aladdin and Genie he set him free, for now. Because he knew that someday Aladdin would die and then he could.

Abis Mal

Abis Mal1If there would be an award for the most stupid thief it should go to Abis Mal. Once leader a gang of thieves Abis Mal’s first encounter with ‘that Aladdin’ was when the streetrat, his monkey and rugmen stole Abis loot. Aladdin fought bravely and escape with flair. A while later, Mal’s where about to terminate their leader when Abis Mal found a lamp in a well. Rubbing it Abis unknowingly freed Jafar, the spectacular entrance send the bandits running for their lives. Next the thief makes a deal with the powerful genie, he will wish Jafar free if he gets all the gold in the world. First things first, get rid of Aladdin. A genius plan unfolds.
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Mechanical Dragon

Mechanical DragonCreated by Genie’s magic the Mechanical Dragon was a rouse to help Sadira turn Aladdin back to normal. The young hero believed he was a dragon slayer but in reality it a spell. The dragon was part of a Hollywood style movie set complete with fake décor and fellable rocks. If the dragon slayer defeats the dragon he could kiss the captive held princess (Sadira) ending the spell.
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