Abis Mal

Abis Mal1If there would be an award for the most stupid thief it should go to Abis Mal. Once leader a gang of thieves Abis Mal’s first encounter with ‘that Aladdin’ was when the streetrat, his monkey and rugmen stole Abis loot. Aladdin fought bravely and escape with flair. A while later, Mal’s where about to terminate their leader when Abis Mal found a lamp in a well. Rubbing it Abis unknowingly freed Jafar, the spectacular entrance send the bandits running for their lives. Next the thief makes a deal with the powerful genie, he will wish Jafar free if he gets all the gold in the world. First things first, get rid of Aladdin. A genius plan unfolds.
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Abnor Mal

Abnor Mal1Is Abis Mal’s ancestor, going back to  the time of the founding of Agrabah. Many generation ago. Abnor was part of Hamed’s expedition finding the right place to found a new city. Until Abis Mal and two of his henchman travel back in time to found Agrabah himself and so get the ‘big hat’.  Abnor, being a Mal, joins Abis and takes it up against Aladdin & Co.
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Abu1Little Abu proves that even old friends can turn against each other. Abu and Carpet where caught up are the Curse of the Riders of Redeux and live the same day over and over again until the curse is broken.
A long time ago three strong, fearless riders where send out to deliver a magical orb only to never reach their destiny. Traveling through a canyon they’re attacked by six robbers who wanted the orb for. They must have heard
it was had strong magic. The riders  believing they’re invincible and fought off the attackers but one who to sneaked around attacked the elephant carrying the chest with the orb. Dropping the chest with the orb it broke. Setting time back one day.
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armandArmand is Saleen’s eight armed sidekick and pet. Besides helping Saleen to get handsome young men down to their home underwater Armand does wonders with a girl’s hair octopus friend takes care Iago. Abu, Carpet and Genie giving Saleen a chance to take care of Jasmine and Aladdin. The squirt is also can excellent boat sinker. But most of the time Armand it tied up, either with his own arms or just regular rope.
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