Queen Deluca

Queen Deluca1Queen Daluca, queen of Mezmaria was locked inside her magical Emerald of Kuvo centuries ago. She and her brothers escaped The Great Rift.

Since then her husband King Zabar in the form of a hawk kept searching for her. This went on until Aladdin discovered the chest she and her brothers are locked up. King Zabar gets hold of the emerald bringing his queen to life by sunlight as Aladdin and his friends take the chest with the remaining jewelry to Agrabah. She travels to Agrabah to get the remaining gems and revive her bothers. Because Mezmaria was destroyed by The Great Rift they take over Agrabah. When the Sultan objects he’s turned into a jewel. When Jasmine goes up against Queen Daluca she’s the next one to be turned into a gem.

The evil queen draws plans to take over the seven deserts however her dear brothers do not like the idea of her becoming sole ruler, the siblings start arguing ending up using their magic against each other. This causes the mysterious Great Rift. It appears in the form of a transparent monster. Aladdin discovers and tries to tell that the monster feeds on anger from the Mezmarians they don’t listen and continue fighting each other. Aladdin seeks the help of King Zabar, the only Mezmarian not affected by the emeralds. He tells Aladdin that the emeralds have great magic as well as great anger causing the Great Rift. As a team Aladdin, Iago, Genie, Carpet and Abu take Queen Daluca’s emerald and destroy it the brothers lose theirs, Sultan and Jasmine return to normal again and King Zabar returns to his human form.

Dominus Tusk

Dominus Tusk1Being the mighty minotaur he is, Dominus dares to challenge any local heroor army for a huge Minotaur-against-anyone-who’s- stupid-enough-to-go-up-against-him-fight. His former 10.000 adversaries where never been heard from again after they’re defeated by Dominus Tusk. Now it’s Agrabah’s turn to feel it’s mighty powers.
Just as the local hero goes in “Junior” Mechanicles robot son defeats him controlled by a little kid Wahid. Junior gives the monster an upper blow into a wall. Later he comes back for revenge and is defeated by Genie who crashes into him after being launched into the air by “Junior.”
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Daruh1Daruh is a clever merchant unknown is his background other then that he knows how to earn lots money without worrying about what it means or does to others. Like the time he made a deal with Mechanicles to supply him mental for latest invention, a serpent like machine. It turns the desert to glass and is on its way to Agrabah, until it is destroyed by Team Aladdin. Our hero thinks he’s some fancy, stuffed-up merchant who feels to good for people who have less in the world.
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