Razili, Faria, Shekata

Razili, Faria, Shekata1Once upon a time the Witches where with thousands and where the chef of the seven deserts. Until they are trapped Realm of Mists. They are brought back by a mix of a soup and magic poition, it was a failed recipe of Sadira who had Aladdin and his friends for dinner. To staighted their friendship and get rid of any distrust from Aladdin’s side. The only one who truly trusts
Sadira is the princess. The Sister Witches are ready and able to restore their cult back to it’s
past glory. To do this Razili, Faria and Chicata need the help of the last of the Witches, Sadira
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Captain Rasoul

Captain Rasoul1Rasoul and his men are the palace guards. Their duty is to protect Agrabah and the royal family. Rasoul and Aladdin have a history that goes back when Aladdin was still a street kid. Rasoul often chased Aladdin through the city but every time Aladdin was just a tad smarter and faster. Now that Aladdin is married to Jasmine — making him next in line to rule. Rasoul has no choice but to follow Aladdin’s orders.
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