Aladdin gives his Valentine flowers for Valentine’s Day Coloringpage

The coloring page below is based on a clipart from It has the biggest collection of Disney clipart I’ve seen. They have cliparts from every Disney and Pixar movie to date. Their Aladdin section carries lots of cute Jasmine and Al & Jas pictures. Some are based on coloring pages from Streetrat that I’ve scanned from Disney Princess magazines a couple of years ago. Like Jasmine hugging cub Rajah or Aladdin and Jasmine romantic candlelight dinner

Aladdin Gives jasmine Flowers. coloring page

Aladdin Gives His Valentine Flowers.

Jasmine daydreams of her prince Coloring Page

While I was going through my stuff I found a couple of cliparts that I thought would made a cute coloring page. Checking my to do folder on the computer it turned out I was halfway already making a coloring page of them. Since it’s been forever since I posted a coloring page, I stopped buying Disney Princess coloring books long ago because either they didn’t have Jas in it or it’s the same old artwork recycled.

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Princess Jasmine closeup coloring page

For years I’ve tried to make a coloring page of this image. I first saw it in the return of jafar comic many years ago. Fast forward to today where I found the image as coloring page in a Disney Princess Activity block. Once at home I threw it under the scanner, cleaned it up and added a nice border around her.

To print them click the thumbnail then use the brower’s printer function to print it. Normally that means clicking right and selecting “print picture”.
Like what you see? More coloring pages of Princess Jasmine are just one mouse click away.

Princess Jasmine closeup coloring pagePrincess Jasmine as Scheherazade telling the tale of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp

Princess Jasmine brushes her pet tiger Rajah coloring page

Click on the image for a larger version then click right and print the coloring page. You might want to stretch the fit papier if the coloring page turns out to small.
Taken from Disney Princess Scans. Good site for the other Disney Princessess, they’ve scans of covers, artwork, wallpapers and coloringpages. Have Fun!

Jasmine brushes her pet tiger Rajah in the mengarie Printable Coloring Page