Jasmine – Kilala Princess Icons

Kilala is a Manga, a Japanese comic, character whose a big fan of the Disney princesss in volume 5 she travels to Agrabah and meets up with Princess Jasmine. The Disney girls facial features are “mangasized” meaning their eyes are bigger and expression and exaggerated like it’s common in Manga and Anime.
shisora posed in the LiveJournal community d_princess are set of Jasmine icons taken from that comic.

15 Art of Aladdin Icons

Here are 15 icons from the Art of Aladdin book I purchased recently.  Check the background caricatures. I wonder if there are some caricatures of production members among the crowds.
the amazing expressions and the beautiful details in the backgrounds. The movie has been iconed to death, just like other 90’s films like BatB and TLM so I tried to come up some fresh points of view.