Jasmine – Kilala Princess Icons

Kilala is a Manga, a Japanese comic, character whose a big fan of the Disney princesss in volume 5 she travels to Agrabah and meets up with Princess Jasmine. The Disney girls facial features are “mangasized” meaning their eyes are bigger and expression and exaggerated like it’s common in Manga and Anime.
shisora posed in the LiveJournal community d_princess are set of Jasmine icons taken from that comic.

Jasmine with group of kids and elephant wallpaper

I made this wallpaper from the last page of the booklet My Best Friend is Jasmine (Jenna and her younger brother and sister are hungry and living on the streets in Agrabah—that is, until Jenna becomes best friends with Princess Jasmine! Find out how this streetwise little girl gets invited to live in a princess’s palace in this full-color padded and glittered hardcover storybook. ) Click on the thumbnail for the  full version of 1920 by 1080 pixels then right click on it and choose “Set as Background” This may variy from system to system.