Scott Weinger reuntions with his “Full House” costars in “Fuller House”

Scott Weinger reuntions with his "Full House" costars in "Fuller House"

I expected this news to come out sooner or later but now Scott Weinger himself confirmed it, His character “Steve Hale” has making an appearance in the Full House sequel Fuller House. After All he had a big part in the show in later seasons.

As you might remember he was DJ’s boyfriend for a couple of seasons before they broke up and she got into other guys. Steve did return for the last episode of the series to take DJ to her High School Prom.

My guess is that the makers of Fuller House wanted the main cast together before looking at other big guest roles. I wonder how they included Steve into the series. Speculation says Steve has passed away after marring DJ and starting a family with her. This because the premise of Fuller House is about widow DJ raising her daughters with the help of Steph and Kimmey Kibbler

Live Action Prequel film about Genie in the works at Disney

Live Action Prequel film about Genie in the works at Disney

I sort of saw this one coming.  Disney hired a team of writers to pen a live action prequel movie based on Genie from the beloved 1992 animated film.

Called Genie the fillm is written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift and produced by  Tripp Vinson. The film is said to focus on the genies and how Aladdin’s genie came trapped inside the lamp. If succesful a out right remake of the Aladddin film itself is an option. Personally I’m not excted at this sequal/prequel or remakes of classic 2d animated films. I rather see Disney to make new fresh films be either live action or (2d) animated.

Through Hollywood Reporter.

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