Lea Salonga and Brad Kane perform ‘A Whole New World’ on Good Morning America

The cast and crew of Aladdin where reunited on Good Morning America in light of the upcoming Diamond Edition of Aladdin out on Blu-Ray October 13h, 2015.

Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin, Lea Salonga, Brad Kane, Jonathan Freeman, Alan Menken and writers/.producers/directors/ Ron Clements and John Musker where in New York telling how it was to work with the late Robin Williams. But the real highlight of the day is Lea and Brad sing A Whole New World again for the first time in 20 years.

Lea sings A Whole New World often enough at her concerts and other events, there are various YouTube videos of those performances online. But for Brad Kane it’s special because the only other person he ever sang ANWW was his wife at their wedding. Really special!

Aladdin Blu-ray Diamond Edition review

Blue-ray.com reviews the US Blu-ray release of Aladdin as part of Disney’s Daimond Edition line. The reviewer praises the disc for it’s excellent video and audio quality, giving the video 4,5 out of 5 stars and the audio quality even got  the full 5 stars.
The bonus features get 4 out of 5 stars This edition is all praise to Robin Williams in the form of several bonus features. But also include the classic bonus A Diamond in the Rough: The Making of Aladdin and the other features from the 2004 DVD..  But it seems the producers of this Blu-Ray version cut about 10 minutes from Diamond in The Rough. The chapters The Producers, The Music (!), The Voice Talents (cut in favor for Robin WIlliams praise??) are cut. The most prominent new bonus features are:

The Genie Outtakes (HD, 9 minutes): Musker, Clements and Goldberg introduce a (kid-friendly) selection of Robin Williams recording session outtakes. There isn’t any footage of Williams behind the mic, though. Instead, storyboards envision what each extended and alternate bit or take might have looked like had any of it made it into the final cut of the film. The outtakes are capped off with a heartfelt tribute to the late comedian.

Other interesting bonus features are a making of the Broadway musical and Genie 101:

Genie 101 (HD, 4 minutes): Voice actor Scott Weinger (Aladdin) explains some of Genie’s early historical, early cinema, and ’90s pop culture references to kids born in the 21st century.

I think that’s a good addition since the film is made over 20 years ago and Robin Williams leaned heavily on the pop culture of that early 90’s. Also it’s a good heads up for the fans who never got some  the references the begin with.

Aladdin BluRay Trailer starring Robin Williams

Disney released a great looking new trailer for the Diamond Edition version of Aladdin. The trailer highlights Robin Williams in the person of Genie as the main star of the movie.

They creators of this release made a selection of Robin Williams best takes as he riffs anything he could come with. As you might remember there where a few snippets on the Platinum DVD back in 2004.

Further there is a clip of interviews with the Broadway Musical cast. Aladdin in sparking HD will be on Blu Ray disc in stores on October 12 and be available as a digital download in 11 days on September 29 2015.

Aladdin’s makers remember Robin Williams at D23 event

During the Aladdin The Making of a Classic, a panel held at this years D23 convention at Anaheim, California held Saturday August, 15th 2015. The directors, animators and voice actor recalled working with the late Robin Williams during the production of  Aladdin.

There was also some more information about the upcoming Live Action Genie prequel and the announcement that a montage of Robin Williams ad libbing as Genie with storyboards will be on the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray that is hitting shelfs, in real life stores and webshops, October 13

 Yahoo! Movie runs the story