Princess Jasmine makes her appearence in Sofia the First

Jas will make her royal appearance on June 14, 2013 in the Disney Princess TV series Sofia the First. Can’t say I’m excited about how her design is convered to CG. As someone from Ulimate Disney put it

“I think Jasmine looks a lot like her Kingdom Hearts counterpart here ?”

The problem is this isn’t a video game but a TV show where the character is supposed to move and act.
Jas is of course voiced by Linda Larkin with the singing parts done by Lea Salonga

The announcement made me try to remember the last time Jasmine appeared on a Disney TV show. To my surprise I came to the conclusion that it had to be on Disney’s House of Mouse. As you might remember the show stars Disney’s fab five & friends, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto etc. running a dinner theater where many Disney characters has cameos as guest stars. The last episode aired almost 10 years ago on October 24, 2003.

Disney Princess Jasmine in DP show Sofia the First

Disney Princess Jasmine in DP show Sofia the First

Jasmine: The Jewel Orchard

dailydawl posted scans of the newest Jasmine look has been given by the Disney Princesses designers. I’m glad they didn’t change Jasmine, and Aladdin too, not to much. Overall I like it but I have to get used to the loose hair strand, reminds me of Belle in the movie. I hate the glitters they even peek from under her brown robe. The story goes like this.

Description: One morning at the palace, Jasmine overhears a surprising conversation. A servant claims that there is no fruit to be found in all of Agrabah! Jasmine heads to the market to figure out what has happened. When a trail of beautiful amethysts leads her to the royal orchards, she discovers that all the fruit and water have been turned into sparkling, shimmering jewels! At first it seems a beautiful sight, but with no fruit to eat or water to drink, the people of Agrabah can’t survive. Jasmine and Aladdin must figure out how to reverse the spell that has been cast upon the orchards before it’s too late!

On d_princess livejournalJasmine The Jewel Orchard  cover

Jasmine The Jewel Orchard  page 1

Jasmine The Jewel Orchard  page 2

Jasmine’s new look from Disney Princess Magazine

As you might have heard Disney’s marketing department redid the look of their Disney Princess girls. From what I understand it make them more appealing to modern little girls and to better intergrate Rapunzel into the group. Until now I hadn’t seen a good quality drawing of Jas to decide myself if her new design is an improvement or not. The LiveJournal Community d_princess has scans from the march issue of the Disney Princess Magazine and after looking at them a few times I can say Jas looks more closely to her movie version. Click the thumbnail and decide for yourself.

Updated design of Jasmine as Disney Princess

Updated design of Jasmine as Disney Princess

Gorgeous Disney Princess Jigsaw Puzzle

Check out this mouth watering  puzzle of the ‘classic six’ Disney Princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine. It’s made for the Japanese domestic market. I’ve seen Japanese DP merchandise before and must say they often make really nice high quality artwork, original stuff there. Unlike the American and European market where we get always the same merchandise with the same old artwork time and time again.

Thanks to d-princess LiveJournal

Jigsaw Puzzle Disney Brilliant Princess 500 Piece Jigsaw puzze


Jasmine and the missing coin

Pointed to me by livejournal-ist mdmbrightside from the d_princess community.
In the line of Disney Princess books a new Jasmine title was released last January. Amazon has the following summary
“Life at the palace is splendid for Princess Jasmine and Prince Aladdin. With Aladdin’s birthday coming up, Jasmine wants to find him the perfect gift, so she sets off on a Magic Carpet ride with Rajah the tiger. She is determined to track down the coveted camel coin Aladdin is missing from his rare-coin collection. It’s smooth sailing until Magic Carpet suddenly loses its power, leaving Jasmine and Rajah stranded in the desert! Will the pair find the coin and make it back to the palace in time for Aladdin’s birthday?”
It sounds a bit weak but I guess that’s what you can expect when there’s the Disney Princess stam on it.
I love the cover and ordered it from for that alone according to a reviewer at Amazon the other illustations have a “beautiful and Summer-y” feel on it.