Bonus Features on Aladdin Blu-Ray

Through Ultimate Disney The up and coming release of Aladdin on Blu-Ray in North America will contain some new bonus features. Of course it has a feature on the hit Broadway Show. Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic which most likely will be about how the animated film was brought to the stage with interviews and snippets of the show itself. Then there’s a feature Unboxing Aladdin, no idea what that’s about. Next up is all about Genie. I think it will be a homage to the late Robin Williams. New interviews with the directors Ron Clements and John Musker in A Conversation with Ron & John. Disney Royalty Sing “A Whole New World” will be a cover by Disney latest batch teen stars sort of like Jessica Simpson with a guy who I can’t recall the name of did a cover of A Whole New World back in 2004. I looking forward to Genie Outtakes which I hope will be footage of Robin Williams ad0-lipping and improv’. And finally Classic Bonus are I hope the best bonus features from the SE DVD from 2004. … ns&strip=1

Official cover art Aladdin: Diamond Edition

Aladdin is due for a Diamond treatment this October.

To be exact the film is coming to BluRay in October 13, 2015 in North America. From what I understood the rumors say there’s not much new bonus material on it say it for some promotional stuff for the musical. But Disney has yet to officially announce what is on it. Lucky enough most of the 2004 making of documentary, A Diamond in the Rough is expected to being ported over. There is, however, a final cover art released this week. Aladdin DIamond Editiom Bluray Combo Artwork

I can’t say it’s the best artwork i’ve seen, the characters look completely off model. Notice that Iago is included as being part of the good guys unlike the VHS cover where he was still teamed up with Jafar.

20th anniversary The Return of Jafar

Did you know that yesterday, May 20th 2014, The Return of Jafar was released on VHS video tape in the United States? I didn’t but watching Disney clips on YT I came across Forget About Love and suddenly realized that this year the film excited 20 decades already. Started out as the first couple of episodes for the “Aladdin TV series” (first aired Sept. 5, 2014 on US network) it was decided too release on home video by adding additional animatio

Disney’s Aladdin Screenshot Comparisons DVD vs BD

In the forum at is a thread that puts side by side screenshots of the DVD, scaled up DVD and BD of Disney classics.
Check the difference in sharpness and clarity between the 2004 DVD and the recently released European DB of Aladdin. I would say a difference between day and night. Wow! Unfourtnelty for the US fans it seems they’ll have to wait until 2015 when an BD American release in scheduled.

2004 DVD release comparison with DVD upscale and DB

2004 DVD

2004 DVD  upscale

2013 DB

Aladdin Blu-Ray Cover Artwork

Australian artwork for the Aladdin BD+DVD+ Digital Copy edition available 27-03-2013 popped up at JB Hi-Fi . Not only is the artwork exactly the same as the 2004 Platinum DVD according to the site the Ausies are getting the same 9 year old bonus features. Filmmakers’ Audio Commentary, Sing Along With The Movie, Deleted Scenes, Music Videos and Deleted Songs and the A Diamond In The Rough: The Making Of Aladdin documentary.

But it could always get worse. Germany has the BD + DVD with 1993 VHS cover artwork! And a trilogy DVD re-release with off model Aladdin and Jasmine on the slipcase inside are one re-used of VHS cover for Aladdin plus reused Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves DVD artwork. At least the French have a choice. They’re all recycled too these are certainly much better. I prefer the first cover myself, I always liked that poster.
The Dutch edition has no cover art yet but has the same description as the Australian one, preorder at for a March 18, 2013 release. Personally I’d love to see that Disney Netherlands use either these posters. Shocking! If this is the best Disney has to offer I’m skipping this release altogether.It’s not like the 2004 ever went back into the vault.