Free Lithograph Set with Aladdin Blu-Ray Pre-Order

Aladdin Promo Litho's 1992

Aladdin Promo Litho’s 1992

Pre-Ordering the Aladdin Diamond Edition Combo Pack at you get a set of 4 lithographs for free. These lithos are re-drawings on promotion material from back in the days the movie was in theaters. I’ve the complete set of those framed on my wall for many years. I could only find this old photo from like 10 years ago but since a few years I’ve put the set in one big frame with a nice golden/brass border. I remember that the Platinum DVD set from 2004 had this collectors edition with a booklet and a set of character sketches of the main characters by their supervising animators. Aladdin on Blu-Ray in the US is available to own October 13, 2015. y.




Bonus Features on Aladdin Blu-Ray

Through Ultimate Disney The up and coming release of Aladdin on Blu-Ray in North America will contain some new bonus features. Of course it has a feature on the hit Broadway Show. Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic which most likely will be about how the animated film was brought to the stage with interviews and snippets of the show itself. Then there’s a feature Unboxing Aladdin, no idea what that’s about. Next up is all about Genie. I think it will be a homage to the late Robin Williams. New interviews with the directors Ron Clements and John Musker in A Conversation with Ron & John. Disney Royalty Sing “A Whole New World” will be a cover by Disney latest batch teen stars sort of like Jessica Simpson with a guy who I can’t recall the name of did a cover of A Whole New World back in 2004. I looking forward to Genie Outtakes which I hope will be footage of Robin Williams ad0-lipping and improv’. And finally Classic Bonus are I hope the best bonus features from the SE DVD from 2004. … ns&strip=1

Custom Aladdin Toad Amiibo by ganda_kris

Toad is one of my favorite characters from Nintendo, besides Mr. Mario of course. I always played him on Mario Kart on SNES and N64. Now gand-kris made a series of custom Toad’s for the Amido. Nintendo’s version of real life figures being playable as video game characters. I don’t really care about this system, Disney has something like this with Aladdin and Jasmine but this Toad as Aladdin and Jasmine and Jafar looks cute