Puzzles: #19 Jasmine on Parade

Jasmine on Parade puzzle number 19
I welcomed “Jasmine on Parade” in my collection today. Did you know Mattel makes puzzles? I didn’t. The puzzle spans 100 pieces and was a breeze to put together. The artwork shows Jasmine riding a camel in a parade. Besides the camel a duck, elephant, giraffe and horse participate in the parade. Jasmine wears a really nice dark pink outfit with purple vail.
The box notes a creation date from 1997.

Hope to have this and the other 3 (nrs: 5, 17 and 18) framed in June.

Puzzles: #18

Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu at Aladdins hovel puzzle
From France comes puzzle number 18 in my collection. The artwork shows Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu in Aladdin’s hovel with Agrabah and the palace on the background. The artwork is bad, ugly even. Aladdin and Jasmine, especially, are off model. The overall quality of the puzzle is not what I’m used from Jumbo. I’ve seen much better such as recent the palace puzzle (see picture). On top the ugly puzzle, what I couldn’t tell from the picture the thing took almost a month to get here. Ironically, the puzzle is made by a company in Amsterdam.
palace jumbo puzzle