The Sims 2: Aladdin Bath and Bedroom sets

found some more Aladdin objects for The Sims 2. ead425 made a bath and bedroom set in 2005 and uploaded to The Sims Resource. (free registration required).

Disney fans with a Sims 2 addiction want to check out ead425 other Disney bath/bed room sets.
There’s a ton of other Disney room sets/paintings, murals & posters and clothing free for download at that site. Generally the Disney items can be divided between Disney Princess, Mickey and friends, Cars and Pooh. You might see Jasmine in the DP items now and then but creators used standard Disney Princess artwork that I didn’t find worth downloading.

To bad.

The Sims 2: Syera’s Custom Content

In my quest for more Aladdin stuff for The Sims 2 I crossed paths with BogSims Institute. A small well designed Sims 2 download site co-owned by Aladdin Central Message board member Syera.

Her Arabian Nights theme contains genetics of Aladdin, Jasmine, Mozenrath, Sadira and Eden. Outfits of our heroes and Eden plus wallpapers and floor titles to recreate Agrabah’s Palace complete with throne room and bed rooms.

By combining Syera’s Aladdin and Jasmine with Denise_316’s Aladdin and Jasmine set in a mix of Syera’s custom content and official Maxis objects I had fun making the image gallery below.
Everyone is out on adventure.

Denises characters<br /> are in the back.

Even after a lifetime together romance bloomes.

Years of action and adventure demand their toll. Elderly Jasmine is still going strong.

Youngsters remember the story of their parents first kiss

Jasmine: Lets do our version.

The HugThe Seniors saw Agrabah was in good hands. Maybe they can finally retire

The Sims 2: Aladdin Villain Dartboards

Four recolorings of The Sims 2 Dartboard. Sims can chose between Jafar, Mozenrath, Abis Mal and Mechanicles.
This object is from the base game and should work with all Expansion Packs. However it is possible that you need the Color Enable Package for the objects to show in your game. I think that covers it all. If you still have questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Unzip in x:\Documents and Settings\username\My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads For more help: FAQ at Modthesims

The Sims 2: Prince Ali & Jasmine wallpapers

The Sims 2 Wallpapers

A couple of days I picked up The Sims 2 again. I got bored mid 2006 playing the same routine again and again. Start with a fresh just grown adult, move to his own lot, work his butt off for a decent home while looking for a love interest meanwhile keeping up with family and friends. Once love interest is found marry and get kids, raise them till adult hood, play a little more with Sim then load up the newly adult and start from the top.

Once I got Open for Business I expected the game to hold my intrest but it didn’t for more than a few shops. Each shop either quickly reached their peak or required so much effort to get going my Sim’s lifespan was half-over before it was running smoothly. As animal lover I was a bit excited about Pets until I learned it was basically dogs and cats and they didn’t really add to the game other then spreading a sim day even thinner between needs & wants, work and relationship building so I skipped that pack.

Now Seasons grabs my intrest enough to pick up the game from where a left off and try some other tactics. I made the oldest girl of 3 siblings who just reached adult hood an Artist. She turned her artistic gift into cash by selling her paintings to the neighborhood Sims. I think I’m giving the other 2 girls an Artistic career as well when they grow up. One might play piano for a living while the other can open up a flower shop.
All that time Modthesims2 hasn’t been updated with anything Aladdin other than a recolored dog that has to pass for Rajah.

The Sims 2 Wallpaper set 2

I made 2 sets of wallpapers for personal use. The first set has a Jasmine picture, a screenshot of Aladdin and a plain wallpaper with border. The second set is made up of 2 wallpapers, one plain with border and one of Jasmine in her garden.

Source: Jasmine with Agrabah Palace background created from a Disney Princess Magazine scan here.

Unzip in x:\Documents and Settings\username\My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads