Life long Aladdin fan gets his wish granted

The Burlington County Times tells the story of Jared Maier. He’s been a fan of Aladdin for his whole life he says “When I was young, before preschool, there was something I borrowed from the library every week. It was “Aladdin” on VHS. I always got two copies — one to watch while the other was rewinding.”

Which made me smile because back in the day I was very much like him, I watched the Sing-A-Long VHS a zillion times during summer waiting for the full movie to be released on video and after that I watched the movie many times over.
Jared continues to tell how he and his family went to see the Broadway show and afterwards went for autographs of the cast.

“My playbill was full of autographs as my siblings and I waited on the steps of the theater for our parents to pick us up.
One of the security guards came over and asked us if we were leaving. My brother said, “We’re waiting for our ride.” He told us to wait there. He came back and said, “Come with me.”
He then opened the stage door and brought us back into the theater, and through a secret door onto the stage. There I was, on the stage where “Aladdin” had just been performed. In the wings of the theater were all the props and set pieces. The stage was full of trap doors, and above was all the rigging used to fly the magic carpet.”

Sounds like the ultimate wish a true Aladdin could have. Personally I would’ve liked to meet the animators and voice actors who brought the animated film to life this stage show is based on.

A Million Miles Away

I’ve been listing to the Aladdin Broadway soundtrack today and you know from the new songs they’ve added I just love “A Million Miles Away”. It reminds me of the good old days of the TV show where Al & Jas go on adventures together to help people and protect their city, it’s people, their friends and one another from harm. I feel like the creative minds behind the Broadway show took their inspiration from this. And now finding a great quality video recording of the number I tell from the acting of dam Jacobs and Courtney Reed that they likely where inspired by the fact that Al & Jas ended such an adventures couple.

Preview Prince Ali & Arabian Nights Aladdin on Broadway

James Monroe Iglehart shows of his singing, dancing & acting talents in previews of Prince Ali and the opening song of the show Arabian Nights. I love the costumes, the choreography and the cast looks like they are having a blast doing it. But I miss the fun and hilarious that the animated Genie had. I mean I haven’t laughed once during either preview.