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May 17 2007

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Well then welcome to my home. The name is Iago, former pet/sidekick/partner of the grandvizir Jafar and now pals with the royal family. Lets talk about one of my favorite things, me. My passion in life is to get rich, really rich and live in the royal palace. I do anything to get my wings on a treasure. I already did some pretty crazy stuff.

Like I said I'm friends with the royals of Agrabah. I'm a regular at the palace. The Princess, princess Jasmine that is, loves to have me around and her father the Sultan is fond of me too. Local hero and husband of Jasmine Aladdin things highly of me and often invites me along when he goes out to fight some creature or wizard. Abu, Aladdin's pet monkey and I are best friends though we don't show it off. Genie, he's free so no wishes just total crazyness. Maybe he's locked up in his lamp for to long. don't know. And there's Carpet faithful friend to Aladdin and good pal of me. Let's what else, oh yes I' am seeing another bird. Her name is Thundra. she controls the weather of the world. How about that for a girl friend. he,he.
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