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Appendix 1: TV series Episodes Jasmine wears her regular blue outfit
Appendix 2: Jasmine Doll Guide by Michele

Princess Jasmine from the Disney blockbuster classic Aladdin is admired because of her extensive wardrobe. Almost every dress looks good on her from poverty clothing to fancy dresses and from winter attire to the most add outfit Genie puts her in.
With so many clothes it’s hard to track each one, how does the dress look, when did she wore it, was it for a special occasion? Therefore Streetrat is proudly to present: The ultimate list of Princess Jasmine’s wardrobe.

Pink dress

Jasmine Pink Dress Series outfit

Pink dress with light pink accents, bare shoulders, blue gem a waist level and another on her headband. Small golden necklace and diamond shaped earrings also gold. Looks like her regular
RoJ outfit is a light shade pink.
Worn in Bad Mood Rising, That Stinking Feeling.
Merchandise: Some TV series merchandise like Panini Sticker Album also 1 doll was inspired by this dress. See Appendix 2


Jasmine White Series outfit

Worn at special a banquet in honor of palace guests. White shoes , white pants with a blue band at waist level, white top and a veil.

Worn in When Chaos Comes Calling, Poor Iago, Heads, You Lose.

Becky Cunningham

Jasmine Becky Cunningham Series outfit

Genie gag, Jasmine wears Becky’s clothes and hair style from TaleSpin.

Worn in When Chaos Comes Calling.


Jasmine Becky Cunningham Series outfit

pink/purple tiger pattern pants, purple top and pink earrings and sandals.
Genie dressed up the gang in retro summer/beach outfits. In Fowl Weather a technical glitch used her regular outfit top instead. Messy animators.

Worn in Fowl Weather and Shadow of a Doubt.

Pink PJ

Jasmine Becky Cunningham Series outfit

A pink version of her regular clothes. Seem to be her PJ’s. In The Ethereal she wears a transparent pink night dress.
Worn in Garden of Evil, Two To Tangle, The Ethereal, The Shadow Knows.

Rag dress/StreetRat

Jasmine Raggy Streetrat Series outfit

Right shoulder is torn. Left sleeve has elbow patch. Another patch is near her legs. Her messy hair is tied up with a string.
Worn in SandSwitch.

Winter clothing 1

Jasmine Winter Series outfit

Dark brown boots / light brown pants, purple scarf and winter jacked with hood.
Worn in Of Ice and Men.

Winter clothing 2

Jasmine Winter Series outfit

This outfit looks like the one she wore in Of Ice and Men but the scarf is red and the pants are dark brown. Shadow of A Doubt version looks different but that’s probably a technical glitch.

Worn in The Game, Shadow of A Doubt

Black/Dark blue/Scourge Of The Desert

Jasmine Scourge of the Desert Series outfit

Comes with earrings, necklace and wristbands in matching colors. Her hair is put up. She wears this when she lost her memory and is believed she’s the scrooge of the desert and child of Abis Mal.
Worn in Forget Me Lots.

Guard Uniform

Jasmine Palace Guard Series outfit

Jasmine wears Regular Agrabah Palace Guard uniform when going undercover to save Aladdin from Mozenrath’s wrath.

Worn in The Secret of Dagger Rock

Battle Uniform 1

Jasmine Battle Uniform Series outfit

Dark blue version of her regular wardrobe with gold pattern, arm bracelets and cape.
Worn in The Wind Jackal of Mozenrath.

Battle Uniform 2

Jasmine Battle Uniform Series outfit

light purple version of her regular wardrobe with dark purple stripes reddish brown cape with hood and matching bracelets. Seems similar to Battle Uniform 1 but her earrings are diamond shaped and her hairstyle is regular.
Worn in Armored and Dangerous.

Fancy/special occasion outfit.

Jasmine Fancy Series outfit

White pants and top finished with a navy blue robe finished with golden strips running vertical and a blue hair band.
Worn in Shadow of a Doubt, Night of the Living Mud

Tree/Koala/Carrot/Mona Lisa

Jasmine's various forms in Sneeze the day

Genie’s messed up magic turns the princes into a tree, koala similar to the one from “Animal Kingdom”, a carrot and the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
Been like that in Sneeze The Day.

Undead Wedding Gown

Jasmine Undead Wedding Gown

Ayam Aghoul, lord of the undeath dressed Princess Jasmine into this wedding dress covering her up completely revealing only her eyes, the rest of her face was partially hidden behind a veil.
Worn in The Spice Is Right.

Gaffimes battle attire

Jasmine Gaffimes Battle Series Attire

It’s a skimpy uniform showing her arms and legs completely come with bracelets and sandals.
Worn in A Sultan Worth His Salt


Jasmine Serpent Naga Form

Mirage turns her into a human serpent by poisoning the princess with a lotion. Slowly she becomes turns into a reptile, first her legs, then her upper body up to her neck and her eyes turn into those on reptiles, finally her earrings, hair and eyebrows follow.

Was like that in Eye Of the Beholder.

Jasmina, Queen of the Cosmos

Jasmine Queen of the cosmos series outfit

Genie’s being silly about aliens from other space hunting him in his nightmares.
Worn in While The City Snoozes.


Jasmine Maid series outfit

Another Genie gag as he plays a sales person he equips the gang with brooms etc.
Worn in Mudders Day

Appendix 1: TV series Episodes Jasmine wears her regular blue outfit
To Cure a Thief, Do The Rat Thing, Getting the Bugs Out, Garden of Evil, Web of Fear, Plunder the Sea, Strike Up The Sand, I Never Mechanism I Didn’t Like, Fowl Weather, Forget Me Lots, SandSwitch, Lost and Founded, Moonlight Madness, The Flawed Couple, Rain of Terror, The Day The Bird Stood Still, Of Ice and Men, Elemental, My Dear Jasmine, Smolder And Wiser, The Game, Power To The Parrot, Poor Iago, Mission Impossible, Stinker Belle, The Way We War, Night of the Living Mud, Egg-stra Protection, Heads, You Lose, Armored and Dangerous, Black Sand, Love at First Sprite, Vocal Hero, As the Netherworld Turns, Seems like Crimes both parts, From Hippsodeth, with love, Destiny on Fire, Return of Malcho, Raiders of the Lost Shark (with traveling cape), Sneeze The Day, The Prophet Motive, That Stinking Feeling, Beast or Famine, The Spice of Right, Hero with a Thousand Feathers, Witch Way Did She Go, A Sultan Worth His Salt, The Hunted, Riders Redux, Book of Khartoum, While The City Snoozes, Two To Tangle, The Ethereal, The Shadow Knows, The Great Rift