Artsylum Quartet Aladdin Medley

There very talented young performers from the Artsylum Quarte, piano, violin and bass, preform a wonderful rendition of Arabian Nights, A Friend Like Me, Prince Ali and A Whole New World. The latter was really amazing to listen and enjoy the beautiful composition by Alan Menken. Shame about the background noises though. Also listen to their The Little Mermaid medley, Pocahontas and Mulan preforms at their Youtube account.

Lea Salonga and Darren Criss sing A Whole New World

In an homage/honor of Alan Menken Darren Criss, the talented Glee actor, did his own slow arrangement of the classic A Whole New World with Lea Salonga. Watch Alan’s reaction when Lea enters stage -:) I imagine he wasn’t that impressed by Darren’s arrangement, until Ms. Salonga came on stage it was slow and boring.