Jim Shore Disney Sonata Princess Jasmine Aladdin 2011

>While looking around on Ebay for TV series action figures and wondering how many different characters where produced, I found Abis Mal, Capt. Murk , the cyclops and Prince Uncoutma I came across this beautiful music figure of Jas. Jim Shore also designed “Magic Carpet Ride” and a Genie figure. The image holds a link to his website.

Aladdin villians tribute

Trident did a few tributes to the badguys and girls from the Aladdinverse.
Set under Billy Joel’s You May Be Right, great artist by the way, clips from Chaos from the tribute to this crazy all-power cat.

The hilarious Looney Tunes tribute Abis Mal, Aladdin most annoying and funny opponent with his turban obsession.

The to me unknown rockband Trooper hails most of Agrabah’s Enemies using screens capped by myself I have/had stored online somewhere for years.

Aladdin voices Broadway Newsround

Like it’s common with Disney films Aladdin’s most talented voice actors had a stage history before they where cast in voice charcters like Jasmine, Jafar or guest voice in TV shows like say Mirage. After their ‘voice gig’ they happily went on to do stage shows or on/off Broadway productions some even based on animated movies from Disney. So what’s up with Lea Salonga, Jonathan Freeman, Bebe Neuwirth and their fellow actors.

Lea is going to do Allegiance, it’s a musical reading about a story of love, loss and heroism during the Japanese American internment.”

Mr. Freeman is asked to play Roger DeBris in the Producers. A show that had The Lion King’s Timon voice Nathan Lane in the past as star.

Bebe Neuwirth is casted as Morticia Adams in the upcoming musical The Addams Family. She’s joined by the previous mentioned Nathan Lane as Gomez. The is rumored to replace The Little Mermaid after it stops in August 2009.

The LA production of that same show has Abis Mal’s voice actor Jason Alexander. Albeit in LA the show isn’t taking off as it’s Broadway big sister.

Iago’s voice Gilbert Gottfried with guest narrate The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Serpent Malcho lord of the rainforest was at the time voiced by Hector Elizondo. In 2009 he is part of the cast of the revival of 1976’s Sly Fox.

Former Star Fleet captain Janeway and voice of the Galafem warriors ruler Hippsodeth ms. Kate Mulgrew has her latest production Equus ended earlier this year and just finished play diva Maria Callas in Master Class.

I think that’s about it for the bigger guest actors on Aladdin. The rest is mostly voice actors with a long long resume or TV and film actors. Enough matrial to write a seprate article sometime.

Abis Mal in search for a genie of his own

Abis is one of my favorites in the silly villain catagory, actually he is my most favorite silly villain in the Aladdinverse beating the likes of Mecanicles and Amin by a long shot. Sadly I don’t see much Mal on Deviant Art so you can imagine my joy seeing zimeta88 uploaded Abis Mal fanart.

In Search of a Genie by *zimeta08 on deviantART