King of Thieves turns 15

Photobucketsalukfan uploaded a butt load of Aladdin and the King of Thieves animated gifs for the 15th anniversary of the release of the wedding of the century on home video in the US. A fact I would’ve known a few years back when I was a more hardcore fan. But years pass and, like many fans before me who where once living and breathing Aladdin, I get older and interests change. Doesn’t matter really. Actually I just rememberd that the Dutch home video of Aladdin was in late August ’94.
Anyway in her anncoment at Agrabah LJ she says she made 2300 in ten days. So I wonder, did she sleep or what?

Happy anniversary, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, Iago, Jafar, Cassim Sultan, Carpet, Rasoul, Sa’luk and all the minor characters.

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 30 End

To celebrate Disney’s Aladdin premiered 15 years ago this 25 November a high-quality picture is published daily. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so.
The pictures are large, 3000 pixels wide and over 400kb in size.

Aladdn forever!

Until Another Arabian Night!

Download the Zip file by clicking on the thumbnail of Day 30: Teaser Poster

Japanese Movie Program Scan

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 29: The Voices

The voice cast stayed more or less the same in the 15 years since the movie premiered and video sequels, a TV Show, park appearances of the characters, cameos in other Disney projects and all the merchandise requiring the character to speak.

You all know that Robin Williams didn’t return for most reappearances of Genie and Lea Salonga didn’t return either as Princess Jasmine singing voice.

Scott Weinger

Speaking voice Aladdin

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Scott Weinger
Promotional photograph of Scott in the recording booth.

Before Aladdin Scott had various small roles in TV and movie land. Noteworthy is his role as Steve Smith in “Life Goes On” in 1989 and 1990 working alongside Kellie Martin who would voice Sadira 4 years later. Scott’s best known role is as the boyfriend of DJ in “Full House”.

After Aladdin Scott continued with the various small roles between Aladdin projects like both sequels and the TV series. He also went back into the recording booth for Aladdin’s lines in “House of Mouse”. In 2005 he penned a few episodes for the sitcom “What I Like About You”.

Brad Kane

Singing voice Aladdin

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Linda Larking=
Promotional photograph of Brad Kane preforming.

Before Aladdin Brad had a small movie/tv career as actor landing him a guest role on “Law and Order” with Jerry Orbach. He also played along side Jonathan Freeman in the Broadway musical “She Loves Me”.

After Aladdin he and Lea had guest role in the Olson Twins Mothers Day Special connecting him with Scott Weinger again. He would do some singing and release a few albums and singles but nothing really got mainstream. When needed by Disney he’ll do the singing parts for Aladdin. But not on the House of Mous Christmas special where Aladdin sings a few lines. Rick Logan did Aladdin’s part while Bobbie Paige did Jasmine.

Linda Larkin

Speaking voice Jasmine

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Linda Larkin
Promotional photograph of Linda and a Jasmine statue.

Before Aladdin Linda Larkin had a few guest roles in 70’s/80’s hit series like “Murder She Wrote” and “Doogie Houser M.D.”.

After Aladdin Linda landed small supporting roles in video and TV films. Besides that she stayed true to her alter ago by doing the voice of the feisty arabian princess whenever she was called for. Her most recent re-appearance as Princess Jasmine was in Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams and the video game Enchanted Journey.


Lea Salonga

Singing voice Jasmine

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Lea Salonga
Promotional photograph of Lea Salonga recording.

Before Aladdin Lea Salonga was starring as the lead in Miss Saigon and was Eponine in Les Misérables on New York’s Broadway. She was also productions like “Annie”, “The Sound of Music” and “Fantasticks.”

After Aladdin Lea became a succesful singer and a star in the Philippines and United States. She kept her musical talents warm by preforming in productions like Grease, They’re Playing Our Song, and Into The Woods in the Philippines and Singapore. She would join Disney on Mulan where she did the singing for the title character Fa Mulan in 1998. She wouldn’t be reunited with some of the Aladdin cast, Gilbert and Frank, until the 2007 Disney Princes Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams segment I’m Not Peacock Princess as Jasmine’s singing voice.

Robin Williams

voice Genie

No photo

Before Aladdin Robin Williams had a long career as comedian and comedy actor going back to 1977. Robin got fame and fortune as Mork in the TV series “Mork and Mindy” in 1978. A string of successes and failures followed most notable successes where often light hearted comedy films like “Good Morning, Vietnam” or “Hook”. On the flip side his humor wasn’t always enough to save movies from the void of forgetfulness. Average Joe hardly remembers “Club Paradise” or the live-action “Popeye” film from 1980. That Robin could play a serious role became a known fact in the box office successes “Dead Poets Society” or the 1990 Penny Marshal classic “Awakenings” .

After Aladdin Robin Williams carrier leapt for the skies with hits like “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Jumanji”, “The Birdcage” up to 1997’s “Good Will Hunting”. Like all actors not everything he touches turns into gold. Does anyone remember “Toys”, “Being Human” or “The Secret Agent”? Even the Disney remake of “Flubber” can be seen as a failure if going by 4.5 IMDB Users gave the movie.
Around 2000 Robin seemed to have lost his magic, almost all of his films didn’t rank in much cash but weren’t bad films per so more underappreciated. “Bicentennial Man” and “One Hour Photo” are examples of low box office results but good IMDB rating.
Robin reprised Genie in “Aladdin and the King of Thieves” and the video game “Aladdin’s Math Quest” though that could be re-used lines from the movie.

Jonathan Freeman

Speaking voice Jafar

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Jonathan Freeman
Promotional photograph of Jonathan.

Before Aladdin Jafar’s voice actor had forgettable guest appearances in 80’s and 90’s TV Series and movies. In fact even his Broadway career would not impress many, having only played in the 1978 musical “Platinum.

After Aladdin Jonathan got himself into the picture by casting agencies and the Broadway scene. In 1993 he played alongside Brad Kane and Judy Kuhn (Pocahontas) in the revival of “She Loves Me”. In the 1995 theater season Jonathan portrayed Brett Brattin in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. ’98 followed him in “On the Town”. In the 21th century he did “The Producers” for a while and “42th Street”.
Then late 2006 he was asked to play Cogsworth in “Beauty and the Beast” before switching to do Grimsby in “The Little Mermaid” directly connecting him to Disney and the movies that would follow after Aladdin. It also reunites him with Alan Menken.
His screen career, however, was still mostly limited to being Jafar when Disney called for in “Return of Jafar”, Hercules’ guest role and various video games.

Gilbert Gottfried

Speaking voice Iago

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Gilbert Gottfried
Promotional photograph of Gilbert Gottfried with Iago statue.

Before Aladdin Gilbert had many guest roles in the 1980’s. He was a regular in “Saturday Night Live” Played Mr. Peabody in all the “Problem Child” films. His typical voice and features landed him a tiny role in “Beverly Hills Cop II”.

After Aladdin Gilbert continued with guest roles in movies, TV series and cartoons. When needed he played the annoying parrot again.

Douglas Seale

voice Sultan

No photo

Before Aladdin Douglas Seale had roles in many films and TV series. His credits roll all the way back to 1937, the year “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” saw her world premiere, as a young chap in the TV film Once In A Life Time. Strangely enough there’re a gap between his appearance on a 1939 TV show and “Amadeus” in 1984. He was the voice of Krebbs in the 1990 Rescuers sequel “Rescuers Down Under”. In the 70’s and 80’s he had roles in a couple of musical productions and he was a stage actor as well.

After Aladdin he played in a couple of movies before his death in 1999.

Frank Welker

voice Abu

No photo

Before Aladdin Frank Welker had already a long career as professional voice actor behind him. Thanks to his ability to simulate about every animal on the planet. Besides animal vocals like Abu he can do about every dialect in the English spoken language. His first credits is was the character Orbity in the 1962 cartoon series “The Jetsons”. In “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” Frank did Freddy he would reprise that role in almost other Scooby cartoon following. More cartoons and movies followed until in the mid-1980’s the Saturday Morning Cartoon phenomenon picked up speed with shows like “Dungons & Dragons”, “G.I. Joe” and “Transformers” His first Disney production was “The Great Mouse Detective”. Frank Welker would then ‘star’ in almost all Disney feature films and series.

After Aladdin he would continue doing voices and vocal effects. Of course he returned to do Abu and other voices when asked upon. In “Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams” he also did Rajah.

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 27: The Story and Music

To celebrate that today precisely 15 years ago Disney’s Aladdin premiered Streetrat featured a daily high-quality picture for the past 25 days. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so. Besides stills from the movie the program contained promotional photos of the key people who brought this animated film to life.

Not included in the magazine but deserving the credits are two of the key story people who shaped Aladdin into its final form are Terry Rossio and his writing partner Ted Elliott.

Ted Elliott

Screenplay writer

Before Aladdin, Ted co-wrote the unknown horror comedy “Little Monsters” with Terry Rossio.
After Aladdin, he and Terry made name in the movie industry working on the family film “Small Soldiers” before hitting gold in “The Mask Of Zorro” in 1999 quickly followed by 2 DreamWorks movies “Road To Eldorado” and the first “Shrek” movie before being reunited with Ron n’ John and a large portion of the Aladdin crew for “Treasure Planet”. They became immortal when asked to write the screenplay for all three “Pirates Of The Pirates of the Caribbean” films.

Terry Rossio

Screenplay writer

Terry Rossio’s professional career is exactly the same as Teds above.

Howard Ashman

Lyricist & Story Writer

Before Aladdin, Howard Ashman wrote story and lyrics for “Little Shop Of Horrors” along with is pal the legendary Alan Menken before landing at Disney. As ‘test run’ Howard was asked to write the opening song Once Upon a Time in New York City for “Oliver & Company.” Next followed “The Little Mermaid” his baby which he co-wrote, co-produced, and did the lyrics for. Next project was doing the songs together with Alan for “Beauty and the Beast”
After Aladdin, Howard Ashman died half-way Aladdin’s production and so never saw the final film of both Beauty and Al.

Alan Menken

Lyrist & Composer

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Alan Menken
Lyricists and composers Alan Menken and Tim Rice seen going through a song.

Before Aladdin, Alan’s career followed more or less the same path Howard walked. He did lyrics for “Little Shop of Horrors” and composed for two unknown movies “The Line” (1980) and “Act II” (1987) before joining Disney to never leave by composing “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast”
After Aladdin, came “Pocahontas” , “The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame” and “Hercules” between feature film his music and lyrics where used in Aladdin’s sequel 1 and series in Arabian Nights Mr. Menken wrote additional material for musical adaption’s his big 3 films, “The Little Mermaid: Broadway Musical”, “Beauty and the Beast: Broadway”,
“Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular”

Tim Rice

Lyrist & Composer

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Tim Rice
Lyrists and composers Alan Menken and Tim Rice.

Before Aladdin Tim Rice wrote music and songs for musicals “Evita” and “Chess” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” until he was asked to help Alan complete songs and score for Aladdin.
After Aladdin, Mr. Rice continued working for Disney by working with Elton John on the music of “The Lion King”. Reunited with Alan Menken writing more songs for the Broadway adaption of Beauty. A new musical called “Aida” and the theater version of 1994s of Simba the lion king.
For DreamWorks Tim Rice joined forces with Elton John again on “The Road to El Dorado”.

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 26: The Background Artists

To celebrate that today precisely 15 years ago Disney’s Aladdin premiered Streetrat featured a daily high-quality picture for the past 25 days. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so. Besides stills from the movie the program contained promotional photos of the key people who brought this animated film to life.

Kathy Altieri

Backgrounds Supervisor

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Kathy Altieri
Backgrounds supervisor Kathy Altieri working on a background of the palace

Before Aladdin, Kathy has a short career at Disney. She was part of the background team of “The Little Mermaid” as background artist before helming the design of Aladdin.
After Aladdin, she worked on “The Lion King” and “The Hunchback of Northre Dame” before leaving Disney in favor of Dreamworks. She was Art Director on “The Prince of Egypt” (1998) and production designer on DW last 2D film “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” recent before doing the same on “Over The Hedge” (2006).

Rasoul Azadani

Layout Supervisor

Not included in the magazine but certainly deserves credits for designing Agrabah’s argitecture.
Before Aladdin, Razoul joined Disney in the late 1980s as layout artist on “Oliver & Company” and the hit “The Little Mermaid” working along with Kathy Altieri designing under- and above water line backgrounds. Once Mermaid was done Rasoul promoted to key layout artist for “Beauty and the Beast” before completing the 3 modern princess movies with Aladdin.
After Aladdin, Razoul stayed at Disney doing the backgrounds for “Hercules” and a segement in “Fantasia 2000” on the Eric Goldberg pet project “Rhapsody in Blue” before dropping of the rader in animation land.