Return of Jafar and King of Thieves restored for 2014 BD release

According to a member of the Ultimate Disney forum the Aladdin DTV sequels, The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves Blue-Ray releases are pushed back to a 2014 release in order too give them a proper HD restoration. I can imagine that RoJ print might be bad, the film was released on a shoe string TV budget that, afterwards, was way to low. So the production house propably didn’t spend much money on preserving the print.

But in my opinion KoF doesn’t look that bad, checkout the first few minutes in HD on Youtube. Yes the colors are bland and the image is soft but the animation is fluid and the characters look quite good. I don’t think it should be that much work to scale the film up to HD quality.

King of Thieves turns 15

Photobucketsalukfan uploaded a butt load of Aladdin and the King of Thieves animated gifs for the 15th anniversary of the release of the wedding of the century on home video in the US. A fact I would’ve known a few years back when I was a more hardcore fan. But years pass and, like many fans before me who where once living and breathing Aladdin, I get older and interests change. Doesn’t matter really. Actually I just rememberd that the Dutch home video of Aladdin was in late August ’94.
Anyway in her anncoment at Agrabah LJ she says she made 2300 in ten days. So I wonder, did she sleep or what?

Happy anniversary, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, Iago, Jafar, Cassim Sultan, Carpet, Rasoul, Sa’luk and all the minor characters.



Jumanji is an early successfull post-Aladdin film in Robin Wiliams acting career. Generally speaking Robin Williams was at his peak preformance between Mrs. Doubfire and Good Will Hunting. The films that folowed are in a gentle descline in box office success and IMDB rating maybe the ‘Aladdin’ effect whore thin, still flicks like Bicentennial Man and the 2001 One Hour Photo are strong films with Robin in a serious role.

Anyway I catched a early night airing of Jumanji last Sunday. When Alan, Sarah and the kids are in the libary Alan calls “STAMPEDE” a second later a fake a CG wild animal stampede breach the wall and trash the house.
Fast forward to 1995 Robin returns as Genie in Aladdin and the King of Thieves and goes bezerk with all the cameos and pop culture references. In the scene the elphants trash the wedding paviljon Genie quotes Alan Parish “STAMPEDE”