Aladdin BluRay Trailer starring Robin Williams

Disney released a great looking new trailer for the Diamond Edition version of Aladdin. The trailer highlights Robin Williams in the person of Genie as the main star of the movie.

They creators of this release made a selection of Robin Williams best takes as he riffs anything he could come with. As you might remember there where a few snippets on the Platinum DVD back in 2004.

Further there is a clip of interviews with the Broadway Musical cast. Aladdin in sparking HD will be on Blu Ray disc in stores on October 12 and be available as a digital download in 11 days on September 29 2015.

Aladdin Diamond Edition German Blu Ray trailer

Disney Germany released the trailer for next Springs Aladdin Diamond Edition. The picture quality looks stunning. The colors, a topic of debate on previous titles like Beauty and the Beast, look natural. I think they look the same as the 2004 perhaps more vibrant even. I assume, like Disney marketing always does, more info comes out in the winter. I’ll keep an eye out for the US trailer.