Aladdin Christmas Ornaments

It´s been a Christmas tradition at our house to hang my Aladdin Christmas ornaments in the tree along with the regular lights and ornaments. It’s not an old tradition mind you, I collected a bunch a few years ago. I blogged about them in the past so I’m not going to list my collection here again. Anyway after not expending my collection for 2 years it’s was high time to do something about it. So after taking down and putting away the tree I started looking around eBay for ornaments with a reasonable price incl shipping. Knowing that the shipping might get high, wanting near mint boxed hangers. I hoped to find a seller that a bunch in stock and wiling to combine shipping. It didn’t really matter to me what character or it where duplicates of the same ornament.

Eventually I bought four ornaments for a total of $84 incl shipping still a bit pricey but all in MINT condition with box.
Genie in his regular blue form

Genie with caroling heads

Genie in his vacation outfit with suitcases and Goofy cap

And Abu with lamp

Rajah Christmas Tree Ornament

Did you know a Rajah Christmas Ornament existed? I didn’t either and now it’s mine (in two days I hope). It’s Christmas Eve and I realized I haven’t expended my Aladdin ornament collection in 2009. I have a few Kot wedding ornaments, the genie bee one, the genie lamp Santa hat one, the cute Jasmine with Rajah on carpet ornament and a Magic Carpet ride ornament. Back in ’07 I said to myself to finally start a Christmas Aladdin ornament collection, something I’ve been meaning to do for a decade or so and then to slowly expend it each year.

The seller doesn’t say much about the figure other then it’s measures but things like when it was made or who made it is nowhere to be found, can anyone help me out?

I see he/she sells a few genie and Aladdin ornaments and even the Sultan and Jafar as ornaments. Plus lots of other classic Disney characters and iconic characters from Pixar like Buzz and Woody and about every movie that followed.

Our 2007 Christmas Tree with Aladdin Ornaments

My dad and I put up the tree and decorated the living room Friday morning I am very proud of the result. Now that we just ‘throw’ in everything like we feel and not spread out the decorations the tree looks packed and festive as opposite like nice but dull in the past.

To finish the tree I put in the Aladdin ornaments I mentioned in November’s 15th Anniversary Article: Aladdin Christmas Tree Decorations and Gifts idea list and Disney-ish Christmas Traditions In the meantime I bought a few more ornaments and like I wrote want much to have more each year. I’m thinking buying more ball ornaments and fill a small personal tree with it for next year’s Christmas.

Look at the big red ball behind Aladdin. We wouldn’t have done that 10 years ago.

Aladdin Christmas Tree Ornament

I love the way the branches surround her. Like a wreath.

Jasmine Christmas Tree Ornament

It appears like Iago is flying.

Aladdin ball Iago and Abu  Christmas Tree Ornament

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