Monkey with Lamp Aladdin comic

Today I translated a new Aladdin comic starring Abu . The four page comic appeared the Dutch Donald Duck a couple of weeks ago. It’s good to see Abu got a comic since these comic are mostly about Jafar scheming to get the magic lamp or Jafar plotting to become sultan of Agrabah.

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Comic: Aladdin in Friday the 13th

This week’s issue of the Donald Duck finally featured a new Aladdin story. In Friday the 13th it’s as the title implies the 13th on a Friday in the genie year 1313. It’s the day when all wishes go wrong. For example Aladdin wishes for a cake and he gets it in his face because he hasn’t said how he wants it, on a plate, and where, on a table. So when Jafar gets hold of the lamp and wishes to marry Princess Jasmine the mayhem is complete. The dark sinister man ends up with a fat ugly “princess Jasmine” on the remote island Jak-y-bah. Next Jafar ends up half buried in the Cave of Wonders wishing to a place he can’t be found. Seconds before Jafar & Iago died in a gigantic wave Jaffie wishes that Friday the 13th would be over ending back in the palace but without the lamp, Jasmine or the treasure.

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 1

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 2

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 3

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 4

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 5