Complete score

Somebody e-mailed me asking where the full score on Youtube was gone. Since I wrote about that sometime ago I assume Youtube took it offline. Lucky I got hold of the score in mp3 format a couple of years ago. When attaching it on an e-mail took forever I decided to just put it up here for everyone to enjoy.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Princess Jasmine intro instrumental

Meesh wished Disney Records had put Princess Jasmine’s introduction scene on the soundtrack. This as response to a fandub by Fidget Goblinweb It reminded me that I had that piece of music as part of the near complete movie soundtrack I got from a blog last year. I mentioned it on here about six months ago. It seems the owner pulled the plug. Shame 🙁
The track has elements that was later used in the exclusive Aladdin Musical Spectacular song “To Be Free”

Click on the “play” icon to listen or this link to download