A Million Miles Away

I’ve been listing to the Aladdin Broadway soundtrack today and you know from the new songs they’ve added I just love “A Million Miles Away”. It reminds me of the good old days of the TV show where Al & Jas go on adventures together to help people and protect their city, it’s people, their friends and one another from harm. I feel like the creative minds behind the Broadway show took their inspiration from this. And now finding a great quality video recording of the number I tell from the acting of dam Jacobs and Courtney Reed that they likely where inspired by the fact that Al & Jas ended such an adventures couple.


music video: Drops of Jupiter

 Drops of Jupiter has been sitting in my favorites folder since last October so it’s about time to devote a bit text to it.

I have vivid memories when Drops of Jupiter was a hit back in 2001. That summer I had a job as scanner at a cooperative building society downtown and this song was like every single day on the radio. I liked it because of it’s different sound than most pop and rock songs airing on that radio station. BlueRoses4Valentine uses Aladdin footage in some of her other videos but this is her only Aladdin & Jasmine video.