Smile: Disney Princess Jasmine Wallpaper

A year of 5 ago I frequently bought Disney Princess Magazines for their cute covers, posters and backs that at least once a year featured the Arabian desert rose. At some point the magazines focused more on the big 4, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel and Belle ignoring Jasmine altogether. The magazines have been a great source for me to create some beautiful wallpapers, see for yourself the Wallpaper Gallery page.
But I was never able to use my favorite picture the scan has been sitting on my computer for years and I’ve looked at it hundreds of times thinking and honor the majesty of the artwork. Tonight I saw this really nice wallpaper using artwork from another issue inspiring me to take another shot at it.
Click on the thumbnail for full size then click right on the picture choose “set as background” or something similar.

Close-up of smiling Princess Jasmine 1680 x 1080 wallpaper

Header Image July

The header image above of Aladdin and Jasmine horseback riding to the sunset is the latest addition to my Aladdin Puzzle Collection. The puzzle counts 30 large pieces good for a couple of minutes fun while assembling. It’s made by the unknown France manufacture Carrefour and includes a poster.
The header is actually made from said poster because lots of folds I couldn’t correct them enough to make a decent wallpaper. I wasn’t happy how The Seven Faces of Genie header anyway.

Aladdin and Jasmine horseback riding