Aladdin/Jasmine Balcony Scene Valentine Wallpaper

As I said on 14 February 2007 I recently bought the Disney Aladdin Valentine card set by Cleo. I was slightly dissapointed to find that the 38 cards only have 10 different images. The cards are smaller then expected, the envelops measure 13 x 7,5 cm. The cards come in pairs with a fold line the middle.

The images are already scanned but have to retouched and cleaned up first. . I hope to release clean versions before Valentines day but work and renovating the kitchen eats up allot of my time so it might be a while before I have them ready.
In the mean time I turned my favorite card into a regular size wallpaper for your viewing pleasure.

The wallpaper measures 1024 by 768 pixels.

Set the wallpaper as your desktop background by clicking on the thumbnail then right click on the full version and choose Set as background .

Valentine 2008 Wallpaper - 1024 pixel versions

15 years true love

Being totally in the mood for some Al/Jas romance because it’s a happy day. *points to header image* and even though it’s now 5 past 10 in the evening and so the 15th Anniversary comes to an end in less then 2 hours I felt I should do something to celebrate it.

This morning I watched “While The City Snoozes” on TV and tonight I watched my favorite scenes from the movie which happen to be also edited in an Aladdin Music Video starring the boy trapped in his poovery and the trapped girl in her gilden cage.
Aladdin Romance is brought you by magnum44 and made possible thanks to the talented Aladdin crew and YouTube.

Happy 15th guys!

Aladdin Forever