More Aladdin at D23 2015

Besides the Aladdin Making of a Classic panel there where 3 more events that involved Aladdin and the people behind the musical and film, James Monroe Iglehart was this year a couple events on stage singing, there was of course a Robin Williams tribute and Andreas Deja became a Disney Legend. There was also new concept art and the first clip from Moana a film that’s been in production for years and helmed by Aladdin directors John Musker and Ron Clements. Moana will be released in theaters in November 2016.

First off  there was a musical showcase of the Disney Musicals that where on Broadway over the years.Hosted by Stage Genie himself James Monroe Iglehart  and joined by Mary Poppins/Belle Ashley Brown and Tarzan’s Josh Strickland  in The Originals! They bring songs from all Disney musicals including Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and others. Of course James Monroe did Friend Like Me

While Josh sang Proud of Your Boy

Robin Williams was honored on the Disney Legends Award Ceremony where Ne-Yo did his take on the classic Friend Like Me. Also as part of an album that is coming with Disney Broadway shows. Good old James Monroe Iglehart was also at the party sings the Oogie Boogie song from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” this because composer Danny Elfman became a Disney Legend. 


And of course a true Disney Legend is Andreas Deja who got his honor as being part of the core Disney animators for almost 3 decades.

Life long Aladdin fan gets his wish granted

The Burlington County Times tells the story of Jared Maier. He’s been a fan of Aladdin for his whole life he says “When I was young, before preschool, there was something I borrowed from the library every week. It was “Aladdin” on VHS. I always got two copies — one to watch while the other was rewinding.”

Which made me smile because back in the day I was very much like him, I watched the Sing-A-Long VHS a zillion times during summer waiting for the full movie to be released on video and after that I watched the movie many times over.
Jared continues to tell how he and his family went to see the Broadway show and afterwards went for autographs of the cast.

“My playbill was full of autographs as my siblings and I waited on the steps of the theater for our parents to pick us up.
One of the security guards came over and asked us if we were leaving. My brother said, “We’re waiting for our ride.” He told us to wait there. He came back and said, “Come with me.”
He then opened the stage door and brought us back into the theater, and through a secret door onto the stage. There I was, on the stage where “Aladdin” had just been performed. In the wings of the theater were all the props and set pieces. The stage was full of trap doors, and above was all the rigging used to fly the magic carpet.”

Sounds like the ultimate wish a true Aladdin could have. Personally I would’ve liked to meet the animators and voice actors who brought the animated film to life this stage show is based on.

Preview Prince Ali & Arabian Nights Aladdin on Broadway

James Monroe Iglehart shows of his singing, dancing & acting talents in previews of Prince Ali and the opening song of the show Arabian Nights. I love the costumes, the choreography and the cast looks like they are having a blast doing it. But I miss the fun and hilarious that the animated Genie had. I mean I haven’t laughed once during either preview.

Aladdin is back but so is the race issue

It’s been 20 years since the film opened and some people had difficultly accepting that it was a fictional, fantasy animated film and they made lots of noise about the race issue. Now a whole new generation can finally enjoy the buddy story of a boy and his genie on stage and still people make a fuss that there aren’t any Middle-Eastern people in it, not as the leads nor any of the supporting cast. I would’ve hoped people would’ve become smarter by now. At least I’m glad there are no signs of boycotts yet.
Jezebel tries to explain the who and why people react like this and seeks out the good things in this all new Disney musical.