Prince Ali in Catchy Retro 16-bit version

Here’s a reminder that the best video game based on Disney’s Aladdin came from Virgin on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Who can’t resist tapping along with Prince Ali (Agrabah Market level), One Jump Ahead (Agrabah Rooftops level) Arabian Nights (Sultan’s Dungon level) A Whole New World (ending and menu) and Friend Like Me is, naturellym played during the Inside the Lamp level. Actually I prefer the SNES version of A Whole New World over the Genesis one mostly because Capcom shows the magic carpet ride while Virgin only has Aladdin kissing Jasmine which was animated very smoothly just like the rest of the game.
For those wondering, there are ways to download music from Youtube. I used Free YouTube to MP3 Converter to get some instrumentals from my Youtube favorite list.

Sega TV Aladdin Megadrive advert

I was a Nintendo boy, still am, in the early 1990’s. Sega’s ad campaign for their Genesis console was known as SEGA TV. Until today the whole SEGA TV ads where strange to me. You imagine I less I cared for the Sega then.

Upon watching the commerical on YouTube, found looking for the latest Aladdin videos on the site, my first thoughts when seeing the video where.

  • Did SEGA had their own TV channel?
  • man this is awful, corny, psycho garbage
  • Next I wondered

  • how could any normal kid fall for such stupidity?

I mean ok so the SEGA brand is mentioned but that fat guy with the annoying voice eats up all the attention. I counted just 3 seconds game footage. That’s only 6% of the whole commercial.

Sega Megadrive with Aladdin

Searching Ebay I stopped at auction 8815172662 “sega megadrive 2 console, boxed aladdin uitvoering”. I remember seeing ads for this version in game magazines at that time. Aladdin was such a mayor hit then. And you know, even though I was and still am a Nintendo guy, I considered buying it once or twice just for the cool artwork. Aladdin has this “you wanna rumble, come on” look with his raised sword. Jafar “you don’t stand a chance streetrat” look and Jasmine looking stupid at Jafar’s snake staff.

Sega Aladdin Game Commercial

Title Sceen Aladdin Sega version
The commercial opens with three kids sitting on the grass when one kid said he played Disney’s Aladdin for the Sega Genesis then in-game shots of the levels Desert, Palace and Cave of Wonders are shown then one of his friends want to see proof so the other is turned into a dog, the kid bursts out in laughter then is turned into a fire-plug. Very early 90’s almost 80’s like but nice to watch. Brings back memories when Aladdin was on the height of it’s popularity.

I’ve a review in a video game magazine from 1993. The reviewer liked the humor and original of the game he also enjoyed the fluid graphics and good sound. Remember this was back when 16-bit consoles where top of the bill. He gave Aladdin a 9.8. The review also mentions, I find this very interesting, that the game developers wanted to import animation from the movie directly into the game but the difference between animating a traditional animated feature and a video game appeared to be to big and so they setup a 15 head animation staff to animate for the game resulting in best Aladdin video game ever.

Lead developer David Perry founded Shiny Entertainment a year later the creator of the successful Eathworm Jim video games.

Wikipedia article
Gifs from the game

Classic Aladdin Video Game

I found a site with classic Nintendo and Sega games as they where made in the late 80’s early 90’s for game consoles as NES, SNES and MegaDrive.

There are many other sites with ROMS. You’ll have to download them and then play them with an so called Emulator, freeware software emulating a console. On Every Video Game you don’t have to. You’ll only need a Java capable browser.

The site has NES, Gameboy and Sega Master System versions of Aladdin. The Master System version is different then the other versions I know.

It’s a race against time and seems to be inspired by the Amiga game Prince of Persia. Jasmine plays a larger role here, while you can’t control her directly she follows Aladdin while trying to escape the guards.