Here comes Uncouthma by FluffyZeliboba

I caught That Stinking Feeling last weekend. It such a funny episode, Iago and Abu doing their usual get-rich-quick scheme, this time a huge golden ring protected by a dormant plant monster. Uncouthma at the palace dinner party juggling Jasmine and Sultan hilarious.
I love that big guy. So I looked around on Deviant. See he has fans with artistic skills too.

Here comes Uncouthma by =FluffyZeliboba on deviantART

Aladdin on Russian ToonDisney

Youtube’r chanforcartoons is uploading the series in Russian. I just watched Bad Mood Rising it’s fun to watch it in a completly different langauge then English or Dutch. I laughed when Iago said “Now if that pumice-headed genie would just make an appearance…” I knew that a second later big blue would crash on him just like he did before and would many times over. Hilarious!

Caricatured Jasmine looks like caricatured Ariel

After watching Ariel’s Beginning Mermaid 1 back to back the rest of my evening was spend looking for and reading about Ariel. And so it happens I came across a post on LittleAriel Forum about the on and off model of The Little Mermaid characters in the television series.

A screenshot of a caricatured, off model Ariel looks familiar. I’m quite sure I’ve seen Jasmine with similar expression one episode in the Aladdin TV series. I checked “Of Ice and Men”,  “Getting the Bugs Out” and “I Never Mechanism I Didn’t Like” which where the best candidates I could think of. To blunt: I don’t know and need help identifying that stupid episode because I won’t rest until I know. 
Jasmine resembels Ariel in The Little Mermaid Series