Aladdin on Russian ToonDisney

Youtube’r chanforcartoons is uploading the series in Russian. I just watched Bad Mood Rising it’s fun to watch it in a completly different langauge then English or Dutch. I laughed when Iago said “Now if that pumice-headed genie would just make an appearance…” I knew that a second later big blue would crash on him just like he did before and would many times over. Hilarious!

“Do The Rat Thing” Fanart

Trough Disney-Princess club I spotted fan art from the series episode “Do The Rat Thing” in where Jasmine and Iago are turned into animals and spend the day trying to get back to the palace for help. The princess learned to respect her poor citizens more getting a fresh perspective on her city at the time. The piece is made by purplegoldfish in 2006.

Sigh by *purplegoldfish on deviantART