Custom Aladdin Toad Amiibo by ganda_kris

Toad is one of my favorite characters from Nintendo, besides Mr. Mario of course. I always played him on Mario Kart on SNES and N64. Now gand-kris made a series of custom Toad’s for the Amido. Nintendo’s version of real life figures being playable as video game characters. I don’t really care about this system, Disney has something like this with Aladdin and Jasmine but this Toad as Aladdin and Jasmine and Jafar looks cute

Going Retro: Prince Ali DOS

The PC MS-DOS version of the Virgin Aladdin video game was by far the best of all the  ports to inferior consoles. It had higher resolution, something like 480 x 320, better graphics with more detail, smoother animation some of inbetweener’s that worked on the film contributed to the game a first in video game history and the game had stereo 44 kHz 16-bit sound with a bigger wavetable (pre-recorded music notes) than any of the consoles. Worth noting that at the time, we’re talking early 90’s, the PC was still developing itself into a game system and so things like soundcards weren’t yet integrated into the mainboard like today’s modern systems. Most common where Creative Sound Blaster 2.0 or Pro compatible cards.

Amiga Aladdin VG longplay

Cubex uploaded a recording of him playing the Amiga Aladdin videogame longplay style, meaning played from A to Z a regular gamer would do without light speeding through levels.

I recall seeing this version at a friend’s house well before I got the SNES version myself. It’s a port of the popular SEGA Genesis version but with better sound effects, fluid in gameplay, scrolling is normal compared to the GEN rom I play which is much faster. I also noticed additional sprites like text when reaching High score.

Prepare for a long sit because at 1:17:10 the video runs almost as long as the movie it’s based on. 😆

Irategamer Aladdin review

A month ago a watched this YouTube’r review Aladdin on the Super Nintendo. I didn’t pay attention to him here because he’s an annoying idiot with no valid point why the game sucks, these guys act horrible. Now I found Tuvaborg’s defence why the game is great and fun to play and basicly the best Aladdin game ever made. Check it out.


Defending aladdin from irate gamer