bootleg Genesis video game: Super Aladdin

CrashManEXE, reviewed over 75 pirate/bootleg games for NES, SNES and Genesis game consoles, posted in-game footage from Super Aladdin. A bootleg port from the Aladdin Genesis version. As you see the visuals are awful which is an understatemend. Both animation and sound effects are curious as well.
The only ‘good’ thing about this abination is Alan Menken’s Prince Ali in high speed. It’s so funny! 😆

Sega TV Aladdin Megadrive advert

I was a Nintendo boy, still am, in the early 1990’s. Sega’s ad campaign for their Genesis console was known as SEGA TV. Until today the whole SEGA TV ads where strange to me. You imagine I less I cared for the Sega then.

Upon watching the commerical on YouTube, found looking for the latest Aladdin videos on the site, my first thoughts when seeing the video where.

  • Did SEGA had their own TV channel?
  • man this is awful, corny, psycho garbage
  • Next I wondered

  • how could any normal kid fall for such stupidity?

I mean ok so the SEGA brand is mentioned but that fat guy with the annoying voice eats up all the attention. I counted just 3 seconds game footage. That’s only 6% of the whole commercial.