More Aladdin at D23 2015

Besides the Aladdin Making of a Classic panel there where 3 more events that involved Aladdin and the people behind the musical and film, James Monroe Iglehart was this year a couple events on stage singing, there was of course a Robin Williams tribute and Andreas Deja became a Disney Legend. There was also new concept art and the first clip from Moana a film that’s been in production for years and helmed by Aladdin directors John Musker and Ron Clements. Moana will be released in theaters in November 2016.

First off  there was a musical showcase of the Disney Musicals that where on Broadway over the years.Hosted by Stage Genie himself James Monroe Iglehart  and joined by Mary Poppins/Belle Ashley Brown and Tarzan’s Josh Strickland  in The Originals! They bring songs from all Disney musicals including Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and others. Of course James Monroe did Friend Like Me

While Josh sang Proud of Your Boy

Robin Williams was honored on the Disney Legends Award Ceremony where Ne-Yo did his take on the classic Friend Like Me. Also as part of an album that is coming with Disney Broadway shows. Good old James Monroe Iglehart was also at the party sings the Oogie Boogie song from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” this because composer Danny Elfman became a Disney Legend. 


And of course a true Disney Legend is Andreas Deja who got his honor as being part of the core Disney animators for almost 3 decades.

The Great Alan Menken goes at it again

At the UK & Ireland Facebook is a video posted of Alan Menken, who doesn’t need any introdcution what so ever, doing a medley of his greatest work for Disney animated films. Something the good man has done a zillion times before but I for one can’t get enough to listen.

In other Aladdin crew news, Andreas Deja recently said in interview he likes to see a Disney character that is gay. And there are rumors that master animator Glen Keane is in talks with Dreamworks to work for him. Follow the thread at Ultimate Disney but take it with a grain of salt if I where you.

Disney animator Joe Grant in his younger years

In his later years Joe Grant contributed to some of the hit 90's Disney films like Aladdin. This after leaving Disney Studios in 1949

In his later years Joe Grant contributed to some of the hit 90’s Disney films like Aladdin. This after leaving Disney Studios in 1949

Animators at Work gives us a glimpse back in time as we see many big names in the animation industry doing what they do best: draw. Besides Joe Animators at Work has photos of some major Aladdin players to name a few Mark Henn, Nik Ranieri, Andreas Deja, Eric Goldberg, Will Finn and Kathy Zielenski.